Ridgely Bed, Breakfast & Gardens

It’s time for another business spotlight… We’re excited to feature Ridgely Bed, Breakfast, and Gardens!

We spoke to owners, Sean and Lisa Dunster, and asked them some questions about their bed and breakfast, as well as doing business in the Alleghany Highlands. Take a look at their responses below!

✨ What inspired you to open Ridgely Bed, Breakfast and Gardens?

We have had the desire to open a Bed and Breakfast for quite a while. The biggest questions were when and where. The when may seem strange since it was in the middle of the Covid pandemic but it was a perfect time for us to make the leap into this new venture. And then where became obvious after we visited Clifton Forge and got to tour Ridgely and the gardens. The house and property lend themselves perfectly to creating a small oasis of beauty, comfort, and relaxation.

✨ What do you enjoy most about doing business in Clifton Forge and supporting our Alleghany Highlands community?

The town is so much more than what you first expect. From day 1, businesses, government, and residents alike welcomed us into the community. We felt at home and supported by folks we hardly knew. That mindset was exactly what makes small businesses thrive. We are very happy to be adding to the culture of warm hospitality and progressive vision for where CF is headed.

✨ This past Saturday was #SmallBusinessSaturday. What does this day and being a small business owner mean to you?

The small business owners we’ve met aren’t doing what they’re doing to get rich. They do it because they have the heart to serve people, make connections, and create experiences/memories. We love being able to put our personal touch on every aspect of Ridgely so it reflects who we are and what we value. We think for all small businesses, being supported each every day means a great deal because we are part of the community. It means our neighbors want to see us succeed.

✨ Does your B&B have any special offerings this holiday season?

Ridgely is all decked out for Christmas with decorations inside and out. Something wonderfully special about a 100+-year-old house that shines with lights and decorations.

✨ Is there anything else you would like to share?

We count ourselves fortunate to have moved to this community. Even more fortunate that this community has embraced our family and the business we established.

For more information about Ridgely Bed, Breakfast and Gardens, visit ridgelybnb.com.