Schaefer Rolls

Get to know Mike Phetteplace, the Plant Manager at Schaefer Rolls!

We asked Mike a few questions, take a look at his responses below.

➡️ Tell us about Schaefer Rolls and what you do.

Schaefer Rolls is a leading producer of polymer-based roll covers since 1946. We are a leading name in the industry in the U.S. and abroad and renowned for our precision, technical expertise and mechanical repairs. We offer a wide range of products and services. We specialize in the paper and film industries. As the Plant Manager, my responsibilities include overseeing operations to ensure safety, develop plans that help operations run smoothly, manage production, create and manage budgets, recruit and train new employees, collect and review data, evaluate employees, oversee work schedules and ensure quality standards are met.

➡️ How long have you been a part of the Schaefer Rolls team?

I was hired March 18, 2018. The first 6 months of my career with Schaefer Rolls was spent in Farmington, New Hampshire, sourcing and purchasing the equipment needed for the Covington shop. We relocated to Covington in November 2018 to begin construction on the new shop.

➡️ What do you enjoy most about doing business in and working in Covington and the Alleghany Highlands?

We have found the people of Covington to be warm and friendly. I have hired an excellent workforce with multiple talents that have blended well with our type of business. Businesses in the area have been supportive in the establishment of our new shop.

➡️ Tell us about your favorite things to do, places to go or dine in the Alleghany Highlands!Most of our weekends are spent driving in the mountains and exploring the small towns of Virginia. We also like spending time with our dogs and enjoying our pool in the hot summer months. One of our favorite local restaurants is the Family Tree T’s Café.

We love living in such a beautiful location that allows us to have family come out to spend their vacations with us.

Thank you, Mike!

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